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The primary goal of Elden Ring is to collect a large amount of runes, which you’ll be able to make use of to upgrade your character. That means that you’ll need to kill the most enemies you can. However, have you ever had the feeling that the effort you’re exerting isn’t enough to earn the amount of runes you’re earning? If yes then you must look into this Golden Scarab talisman, which will give you more runes per kill. We’ll let you know the best place to find it, but its location is difficult to find.

Gold Scarab talisman explained

It is believed that the Gold Scarab talisman will increase the number of runes you can gain when you defeat enemies by about 20 percent. If you don’t need a talisman to aid in something that is more aggressive or defense-oriented, you’ll need to have this talisman in place to maximize every thing you can take down.

Gold Scarab talisman’s item description is:

A talisman replica of scarabs, which are the carriers of precious and valuable things. This Golden scarab boosts the number of runes gained from defeating foes.

Where can I locate where to find the Gold Scarab talisman

The Gold Scarab talisman is obtained by defeating two bosses at the bottom in the Abandoned cave in Caelid. Reaching this cave can be a bit difficult but so is the cave within the cave itself.

At the site for Smoldering Wall in Grace in Caelid the east, you’ll head towards the cliff side that is nearby. You’ll see a tree branch is able to cross to get to an undiscovered cave that is located along the opposite cliffside. It’s called the Abandoned Cave and it’s quite a snooze. It really sucks.

This gruesome dungeon will require you to explore numerous rooms filled with Scarlet Rot and geysers that are destructive and annoying enemies like Miranda Flowers and Servants of Rot trying to stop you on your way. It’s an absolute nightmare to finally reach the boss room. Once you have, you’re set for a brutal battle.

There are bosses to the Abandoned Tunnel are two Cleanrot Knights. They can be quite a tough fight in the event that you haven’t reached the level of. If you’re returning later in the game it is likely to be much less difficult but. If you don’t require that Gold Scarab talisman early, perhaps wait a while before you confront the players. Whatever the case, when they have fallen, that new and fancy talisman will be your reward.

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